Well I’ve…

Worked out how to put the Pillars characters into Edward’s backstory. Think it works quite well. As I’m currently working on the episode ‘The Tax Man Cometh’ I wanted to give some reasoning behind why Edward would be so against Marian being The Nightwatchman. Think it works quite well.

The tricky part will be when I completely re-do ‘brothers in arms’ an episode I hate. 😉


I’m not saying…

Isabella would stay all the way through, she might be a lover/friend to Allan then leave and come back in season two. If you haven’t seen Pillars of the Earth I suggest you do. Hayley Atwell? Aliena, Marian, Isabella on one show? Can you imagine? 

So I’m currently..

Redoing the whole series and have drafts upto episode 4. I really don’t like the episode Brothers In Arms so I might rejig that episode to introduce Isabella really early. Perhaps she meets Allan, seduces him and convinces him to kill her husband? I don’t know. I also want to do some things with Prince John at court, perhaps using some characters from The Pillars of the Earth. 

I want to keep Gisborne and Marian’s relationship flirty and do more with the Sheriff somehow.

I want to use matthew macfadyen’s character as Friar Tuck and Ian Mcshane’s as the archbishop. That might be over stretching things but think it’d beef up the early episodes a bit.