All’s Well That Ends Well (pt.6)

Knighton Hall.
(Marian is returning home from the castle and is suddenly joined by Isabella who walks alongside her.)
Isabella: “Heya Maz”
Marian: (Spooked briefly by her presence:) “Oh! Isabella, you made me jump. (Realising what she was just called:) Maz?”
Isabella: “Yeah, just trying it out, it’s a nickname thing.”
Marian: “Marian is fine, thank you.”
Isabella: “Spoil sport. (They both walk quietly for a moment towards Knighton.) Any word on Guy?”
Marian: “Oh, yes – the Sheriff was going to trade Djaq-”
Isabella: (interjecting:) “The Saracen girl.”
Marian: (perturbed that Isabella knew this before her:) “Yes. She’s going to be traded for Gisborne, though I think I now owe the Sheriff a favour.”
Isabella: “Ooh, sounds ominous.”
Marian: “Indeed.”
(They reach the house.)
Marian: “So..are you coming for dinner?”
Isabella: “That would be lovely, thanks. (Marian nods) And if you could say that I was here all day after the party, that’d be great too.”
Marian: “I don’t understand..”
Isabella: “Well Locksley is in a bit of a state at the moment…I made sure of it. (Marian looks confused.) I’ll blame it on the outlaws of course. A little rebellion against my brother now and then does wonders for the soul. (She smiles and winks at Marian then enters the house, from inside:) Ah, Edward, how are you?" (Marian smiles and shakes her head, following her inside.)


Sherwood Forest. Outlaws’ camp.
(Robin sits on a log away from the gang, dejected and ashamed. Little John stands away from him, his back turned and arms folded, but turns to watch over his shoulder as Djaq approaches Robin. Much, Allan and Will are filling plates by the fire.)
Djaq: “Is it true? There would have been peace without this…Gisborne?
(Robin nods slightly, still staring out at the trees.) And yet you gave him up for me?”
(Robin is silent a moment, then he glances at Djaq and hangs his head. Little John relents a bit and comes over. Much and Will stand and walk over, each with two plates. Allan takes a bite and follows with his. Little John sits beside Robin, wanting to say something, but still not looking at him. Will hands a plate to Djaq. Much sits at Robin’s feet and offers him a plate.)
Much: “Brought you some food.”
(Robin slowly takes the plate as Will sits at Little John’s feet and Allan settles himself on a rock between Robin and Much. Robin glances at Much, who nods once in encouragement. Robin tears off a piece of chicken and puts it in his mouth as Little John taps his leg. Robin looks back at him.)
Little John: (Quietly:) “Hey.”
(Jerks his head a bit to indicate he wants some. Robin hands him a small bite and Little John eats it. Much looks at Robin, chewing and a smile forming. Robin takes a bite off the chicken leg, chuckles with Little John, and realises all is forgiven.)  


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