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“Should I write prequels?”

My favorite RH fanfic is about that! (Also, I wrote a couple too, though they’re not as good as that one; mine is here:

Well I disagree. I think yours is wonderful.


answered your question
“Should I write prequels?”

I think I saw prequel fanfics. There are fanfics about everything 🙂 I think you should write them.

I think there’s potential. I want to explore the courtship between R&M. I want to see what crime John Little committed to drive him into the woods. I want to explore Guy’s true motivations for abandoning Isabella.

Should I write prequels?

Like, short little scenes set before the show.

Where Robin tells Marian he’s leaving for the Holy Land. Gisborne sells Isabella, Little John runs off to the woods.

I don’t know.

Does anyone know if there’s been fanfic written about Robin leaving Marian for war?