I will be starting Chapter 16…


Still on the artwork stage.

I think 2 more chapters and I will finally be able to start writing them.


Working As Hard As I Can…

To get these sequels up and running.

In the downtime, feel free to send me asks or messages or anything at all really.

I could start posting pics again but that’ll only slow me down.

Midway through chapter 11 and Jasper has shown up.

I think the list of characters not in this would be shorter at this point.

Just started Tenth chapter’s artwork.

Started the tenth chapter, which is the number of chapters the prequels had, and I’m nowhere near finished yet.

Once the artwork stage is done I can go back and begin writing the thing.

Vaisey has just arrived in Nottingham as the new Sheriff – that’s where I’m up to at the moment if anyone was wondering. 🙂

Prequel Sequel Update

Well, it’s slowly coming along.

I’m at the artwork stage again and slowly mapping out the storyline.

A lot happens in a short amount of time really. I mean we pick up the story roughly 1 year after Robin leaves for the Holy Land.

I’ve introduced Queen Joan of Sicily too – she’s Richard and John’s sister. Richard’s youngest and favourite sister who may or may not be older than John. I haven’t decided. She’ll be portrayed by Alison Pill so…we’ll see. She totally puts Prince John in his place at the Royal Court anyway.

I’m conscious of inserting Robin and Much into the story as often as is feasible given their location during this period.

Overall I’m upbeat about it, it’s coming along, slowly slowly.