Tunnel Turmoil (pt.5)


(Gisborne walks slowly, his sword out in front. Allan walks down the other side and sees a grate at the bottom of a wall. He taps it with his sword, making a loud rattle.)
Gisborne: “Shh.”
Allan: “Where does that lead?”
Gisborne: “It leads into the cellar and back to the castle.”
Outside Nottingham. Graveyard.
(The Sheriff walks towards the tunnel entrance as Blamire climbs out.)
Sheriff: “So, you’ve laid out the barrels like I told you to.”
Blamire: “Exactly as you said.”
(A soldier holds out a torch to the Sheriff, who lights a short, thick, stick-like fuse in it.)
Sheriff: “Good. Very good.”
(The Sheriff drops the fuse down the open hole and walks away. Blamire watches him go, confused for a moment, then realises gravely that there’s about to be an explosion. Balls of re erupt from the grave.)
(Allan and Gisborne fight to keep their balance as the explosion rocks the ground beneath their feet. Dust rains down on them.)
Allan: “Byzantine re.”
Gisborne: “So that’s why Isabella came down here. She’s trying to blast her way out of the tunnel.“
Allan: “Might be a way out for all of us.”
Gisborne: “Go and tell Robin. I’ll deal with Isabella.”
(Allan turns back. Gisborne continues cautiously forward.)

Nottingham Castle. The Great Hall.
(Djaq is standing on a large barrel. She gives Marian a small one.)
Djaq: “Fill it. Fill it, please. (Djaq hops to another barrel.) Robin! (Robin comes over. Djaq kneels down to him.) Robin, if we use this much Byzantine fire, we’ll destroy everything. (Marian turns back with the pitcher.) The castle, the Sheriff’s army—”
Clarke: “The only way to stop Vaisey is to fight fire with fire.”
Marian: “Yes but with it, we’ll kill every man, woman and child in here.”
(Clarke is about to respond when Allan runs in from an internal side entrance.)
Allan: (Breathlessly:) “Robin! The tunnel! Isabella’s just cleared it.”
(Little John calls out from the balcony where he, Much, Will and several archers stand ready.)
Little John: “Robin! They’re coming!”
Robin: “John, hold them out! (Runs to Allan.) Marian, you’re in charge.”
Marian: “John, hold the doors!”


(Isabella waits for Gisborne, seeing the glint of his sword in the dim light. Gisborne walks through drifts of dust and limestone pebbles on the floor.)
Gisborne: “Isabella!”
Isabella: “Guy?”
(Isabella slinks behind a pillar. Gisborne walks on, water dripping around him.)
Gisborne: “Isabella, where are you?”
(Gisborne walks past Isabella’s pillar.)
Isabella: “Come and get me.” (Chuckles. Gisborne stops and puts his sword at Isabella’s throat. Isabella looks back at him.)
Gisborne: “That explosion. (Isabella looks down at the blade.) The tunnel should be clear by now. (Steps forward.) I’d say there’s a way out if you want it.” (Gisborne lowers his sword.)
Isabella: “Look at you, Guy. (Isabella faces him, holding out the bottle of poison on her palm.) Perhaps it’s time you take the poison for yourself. (Isabella reaches for his arm.) After all, you’ve destroyed anyone you’ve ever held dear to you. You know, brother, you loved me once.”
(Gisborne hangs his head as the Sheriff comes up behind him.)
Sheriff: “And me, too.”
(Gisborne whips his head around to look and raises his sword at the Sheriff as the Sheriff walks closer.)
Gisborne: (Turns to Isabella.) “You planned this?”
(Isabella chuckles.)
Sheriff: “Isabella, you will, of course, relinquish your claims to my title, if… you wish to join me. (Isabella unbuckles her cloak and lets it drop behind her before stepping towards the Sheriff.) I didn’t want anyone else to have the pleasure of killing you, so I set up this little trap. (Blamire steps forward and draws. Isabella brings out her dagger.) Stay back. (Gisborne takes small retreating steps.) He’s mine. (Draws.) The man who betrayed me. I made you!”
(The Sheriff immediately attacks. Gisborne blocks and punches him as Isabella darts behind a pillar.)
Gisborne: “You almost destroyed me. The world and I will be better off once you’re dead!”


(The Sheriff and Gisborne fight. Gisborne has the Sheriff on his
knees. The Sheriff holds up the sword with both hands, blocking
Gisborne’s repeated blows. Isabella steps behind Gisborne and grabs his
arm just as Robin intervenes, catching her other arm and her neck and
twisting her out of the way, but Gisborne’s arm is pulled round,
distracting him. The Sheriff sees the advantage and slices Gisborne’s
arm. Blamire points to the side, directing two soldiers. The Sheriff
attacks again as Robin pushes Isabella into a pillar.)

Robin: (Hissing:) “Still as treacherous as ever.”
(Isabella brings up a knee to Robin’s gut and he is forced back into the soldiers. Robin draws as the soldiers charge him. Robin pushes one aside. Isabella calmly walks over to the Sheriff’s “side” of the tunnel. The Sheriff kicks the back of Gisborne’s knee. Gisborne fights to keep his balance. The Sheriff is about to stab him when Allan charges the Sheriff.)
Allan: “Guy!“
(The Sheriff turns to Allan, who fights with a sword in each hand. Blamire renews the attack on Gisborne. Robin fights the two soldiers. Allan kicks the Sheriff. Gisborne bests Blamire and kicks him back. Allan spins and kicks back the Sheriff. Robin fights off the soldiers. Robin, Allan and Gisborne retreat to the right side of the tunnel, each under an arch. Isabella advances, pointing her dagger at Robin. The soldiers and Blamire regroup. Robin draws his knife and holds it out with his sword. The Sheriff steps between the pillars in front of Allan as Blamire faces Gisborne. All have their weapons outstretched in front of them.)

Sheriff: “How appropriate. A battle so huge should come down to the important few. (Gisborne, Allan and Robin stand ready. The Sheriff points his sword at Allan.) Oh, and you, Allan.”
(Allan smirks at him.)
Isabella: “This is your chance, Allan, join the winning team. (Glances at Gisborne.) Leave these two to rot down here.”
(Robin looks sideways at Allan and Gisborne and nods.)
Robin: “Together.“
Allan: “Brothers in arms.“


(The Sheriff attacks Robin, Blamire attacks Gisborne, and the soldiers attack Allan. Robin blocks the Sheriff ’s blow and twists under his arm, away from the wall as Allan dropkicks one of the soldiers. Gisborne also makes a twisting move against Blamire, moving away from the wall. Allan quickly dispatches the remaining soldier and faces Blamire. The Sheriff swings at Robin, who blocks. Robin swings and the Sheriff ducks as Gisborne knocks down a soldier. Meanwhile Blamire punches Allan’s face, causing Allan to drop a sword, then Blamire kicks Allan in the chest, kicking away Allan’s remaining sword at the same time. Allan falls on his back, then kicks himself to his feet again. Gisborne sees he’s
Gisborne: “Allan!”
(Gisborne tosses his sword to Allan. Robin wrestles the Sheriff to the floor. He grits his teeth and stands over him, holding the point of his sword down.)
Robin: “This is for all the lives you’ve ruined… (Isabella stands behind the pillar, watching.) … for all the people you’ve killed.”
Sheriff: “Now, Hood…”
(Robin changes his grip on his sword and holds it over the Sheriff. Isabella charges him, but Gisborne sees her.)
Gisborne: “Robin!
(Gisborne pushes Robin out of the way, but Isabella reaches with her dagger and grazes Robin’s neck. Robin turns and points his sword at Isabella as Gisborne stands over the Sheriff defenceless. The Sheriff sits up and stabs Gisborne with all his might. The Sheriff pulls out his sword and Gisborne grimaces.)
Robin: “Gisborne! (Gisborne falls on his side towards Robin. Allan, having knocked out Blamire, steps over and kneels at Gisborne’s side. The Sheriff gets up and sees Blamire on the floor. Gisborne tries to stand, but falls again. Robin brandishes his sword at the Sheriff.) This ends… here!”
(Isabella points her dagger at Robin.)
Isabella: “How right you are, Robin Hood.”
(Isabella touches her neck in the same spot as she cut Robin and hisses loudly. Robin fingers his wound.)
Robin: “It’s a scratch. It’s nothing!”


Isabella: “No-no-no. You should be careful. I mean, this blade, it could be rusty or… or even worse.”
(Allan guards Gisborne from the Sheriff.)
Gisborne: “What have you done?”
Isabella: “I used your poison on the blade. A few drops owing through your bloodstream… (Robin lowers his sword.) … I say you’ll be dead by sundown.”
Robin: (to Gisborne:) “Is this true?”
(Gisborne nods, grimaces in pain and lets his head sink to the floor. Robin contemplates his fate.)
Sheriff: (Ecstatic:) “Oh, this is too good to be true. You’ve killed Robin Hood! Ah! Oh, we’ll be back (Robin steps forward with his sword up.) to finish the rest of you off with an army. I have to go greet the Prince, he’s arriving very soon. Please… wait for me. (Steps behind Isabella.) We don’t want to miss the big moment.”
(The Sheriff pulls Isabella down the tunnel. Gisborne groans. Allan turns him onto his back and Robin drops his sword and kneels at his side.)
Gisborne: (Huskily to Robin:) “Clear the people out… through the cellar… backs onto this tunnel. The Sheriff will take his men the easy route through the Great Hall.“
(Allan nods to Robin, indicating he understands even if Robin does not.)
Allan: “So we hide our people in that tunnel until he moves his men through, and then we lead ours out.“
Robin: (Nods to Allan.) “We’ll tell Marian after we get Gisborne to Djaq.”
Gisborne: “Leave me, there’s no time-”
Robin: “There’s always time to save a life. Djaq’s seen worse wounds. Besides, Marian wouldn’t let me hear the end of it if I let you die.”
(Gisborne nods and Robin and Allan lift the prone man to his feet and head towards the castle entrance.)


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